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1.1. Entering details in the order form is tantamount to consenting to the processing of the Ordering Party’s personal data by Project Mess Martyna Drozdowska. The Ordering Party’s personal details shall be processed solely for the purposes of the placed order, including issuing an invoice and financial reporting as well as to bring you the latest news and promotions available in our shop. The said data remains confidential and shall not be disclosed to third parties.

1.2. The Purchaser’s personal details are protected pursuant to the Data Protection Act and shall not be provided, sold or made available to other persons or institutions for reasons other than those associated with order processing.

1.3. Only the Project Mess internet shop administrator has access to personal details.

1.4. Every Purchaser has the right to access their data, to correct it and request for data use for the purposes of order processing to cease.
Project Mess internet shop (found at selling its products via the internet, hereinafter referred to as the Shop), in respecting the Shop Users’ privacy rights, has drawn up the present document where it presents its position on the use of cookie files.
The Shop uses cookie files in order to ensure its Customers’ safety and effective shop experience. In browsing the site, a Visitor (Shop User) to the Shop consents to the use of cookie files by the Shop. A Shop Visitor may manage their cookie settings at any time. A Visitor restricting the use of cookie files may affect some functions of the Shop.

What are cookie files?
Cookie files are text files stored on the User’s (Shop Visitor’s) device. Cookie files allow the Shop to recognise the User’s (Shop Visitor’s) previous preferences during their subsequent Shop visit. A cookie file does not contain and does not collect information.

How does the Shop use cookie files?
The Shop uses cookie files in order to adapt the page to User preferences, for easier browsing and to ensure shopping safety. We do not store personal data or other confidential information in cookie files.

What kind of cookie files are used by the shop?
Session cookies – are active only whilst browsing Shop pages facilitating their correct functioning. They are also used by the server to store information on choices, and in the event of a connection interruption the user is able to return to the same location on a webpage.
Persistent cookies – these remain in the device even after the shop session ends, and allow the Shop to remember the User’s settings for subsequent visits. Thus it is easier to browse the shop and it remembers Users’ preferences.
Third-party cookies – allow the page display to be adapted to the User’s preferences when making purchases.

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